The Canadian Cannabis Industry Needs More Women

In Canada, women are grossly underrepresented when it comes to leadership positions in publicly traded companies. In fact, our highly qualified females only fill 12% of board seats at 677 Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX) companies. The numbers are, sadly, even lower when it comes to the Canadian cannabis industry.

Currently, 5% of board seats at publicly traded licensed producers are held by women, according to data obtained by The Canadian Press. It’s a reality that has not gone unnoticed by the women in our industry.

Lisa Campbell is a cannabis entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word. She has worked as a budtender for different dispensaries, started a cannabis PR firm, and even co-founded the wildly popular Green Market. Lisa is all too familiar with the challenges that come with being a woman in a burgeoning industry; she is doing what she can to change the game.

“In the traditional, grassroots cannabis industry women have always been leaders, but as big business is taking over cannabis [in Canada] it’s becoming more corporate,” Campbell said in an interview with “A lot of these women aren’t being included in companies in leadership…

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