Selling Weed Legally | A Complete Guide to Navigating Laws & Starting a Cannabis Business

So, you’ve decided to get involved in the ever-evolving and rapidly expanding cannabis industry? Congratulations! You and many others like you have made career-changing opportunities a reality and have given this industry a lease on life. But, fast growth does not always equal smooth-sailing. If you are looking to enter this new and promising field, you will need to move fast and differentiate yourself from the rest, all while avoiding regulatory pitfalls and common mistakes. Below is a guide on how to go about starting a cannabis business (cannabusiness), and it is designed to help you decide whether or not this type of venture is really something you want to take on, and if so, in which aspect of the industry. 

Differentiate Yourself in the Ever-Expanding Marijuana Industry

No matter what industry you are attempting to enter, seperating yourself from others with a unique idea that helps to fill an identified unmet need will help ensure the probability of your business’s success. 

In the marijuana industry, the first step is to decide which sector of the industry you want your business to participate in. For most, when thinking about the different types of cannabis…

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