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Cannabis Season Week 6 was a good one!

This week includes my appointment at Hanger Clinic regarding my custom molded orthotics and the Cannabis Industry meet up at Prism House.   I also continue with my Dispensary Tour, this week around the Beaverton area.  Here is how I walked 25.3 miles from Sunday May 14 through Saturday, May 20.

Sunday, 5/14/17, 1.0 miles. It was a quiet day at home, writing up my thoughts on last week’s wandering when Pedro texted me.  Flo accompanied me to the NW Cannabis Club where she became their newest member.  As she sat and read, Kevin Jodrey and I spent hours wrapped in a far-reaching conversation regarding his history, businesses, and thoughts of the future relative to cannabis.  Over many dabs of Jack Herer I learned much from one of the most experienced cannabis entrepreneurs in our time. I look forward to our next conversation.  And now Flo knows what the NW Cannabis Club looks like and will be able to accompany me there in the future.

Monday, 5/15/17, 7.5 miles.  Today I get to have the prosthetic in my shoe evaluated by the tech at Hanger Clinic, and wow did he do a great job.  Now I get to walk on it for a few days…

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