Public health experts urge US health officials to correct e-cigarette misinformation

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Leading e-cigarette researchers are urging the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) to correct misinformation overstating the dangers of e-cigarettes as part of its “Moving Forward” initiative.

A group of public health experts from five major U.S. universities along with the attorney general for Iowa have published an editorial in the journal Addiction drawing attention to how the CDC and U.S. Surgeon General perpetuate misinformation on e-cigarettes. They ask the CDC to take concrete steps to address and correct the errors, and thereby strengthen its reputation.

The authors identify the CDC’s handling of the late-2019 outbreak of lung injuries attributed to vaping products as one problem. While these lung injuries are now known to be caused by Vitamin E Acetate added to illicit marijuana vapes, the CDC continues to use an outdated, inaccurate naming convention for this disease—”E-cigarette, or Vaping,…

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