Police Dismiss Charges Against Tennessee Stores Raided for Selling CBD Products – News

Cops seized the businesses’ cash registers, along with their stock of medical cannabis products, and shut them down for several days. Prosecutors took the seized products to a state testing lab to determine whether or not they were legal under state law, but the lab was unable to determine whether the CBD contained in the products was derived from hemp or marijuana. “So, in this matter, we are not able to determine whether the CBD in these cases originated from industrial hemp, illicit marijuana, or synthetic production. Such a determination is beyond the capability of contemporary drug identification. “

“It now appears that the TBI lab reports, if they had been accurately written, should have stated that their findings were ‘inconclusive’ as to whether cannabidiol is a controlled substance,” Jones said in the statement, according to the Murfreesboro Post. “The cannabidiol substance detected by the TBI lab in the edible candies is identical in composition to the same extract from hemp products, which are distinct under the law from marijuana products. “

As a result of the findings, all charges against the businesses and their owners have been dismissed. Criminal records relating to these charges will be expunged, and all property seized during the raids will eventually be returned.

Although relieved that the charges have been dropped, many of the business owners are angry that police raided their businesses and seized their cash, rather than attempting to communicate with them. Attorney Kevin Latta, who represents several of the businesses raided during the operation, told the Murfreesboro Post that his clients are “relieved but they are indignant and they have been through a lot.

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