Oregon Regulators Met With Federal Prosecutor to Defend State’s Legal Weed Industry – News

A group of Oregon’s top state regulators and appointed officials met with U.S. Attorney Billy Williams last month in an effort to defend the state’s medical and recreational cannabis industry. The group discussed black market cannabis, the threat of a federal crackdown in legal weed states, and the millions in tax revenue brought to Oregon agencies from taxing marijuana.

According to the Oregonian, Williams requested the meeting after reading a report from the Oregon State Police that claimed the Evergreen State was a main source for black market cannabis being sold out of state. That report was unfinished when released and has still yet to be completed, but that didn’t stop officials from Governor Kate Brown’s office from meeting with Williams and sticking up for Oregon’s voter-approved legal weed lifestyle.

The presentation was spearheaded by Jeffrey Rhoades, Governor Brown’s marijuana policy adviser, and backed up by Oregon State Police Superintendent Travis Hampton, a representative of the Oregon Attorney General’s Office, and the Oregon Liquor Control Commission executive director.

Defending Oregon’s legal weed industry, Rhoades talked about the…

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