Oregon AG Calls for Regulatory Framework Review

Oregon Attorney General Billy J. Williams expressed concern over the lack of effectiveness Oregon’s regulations have shown when it comes to reducing the black market and keeping cannabis within the state’s legal borders.

Overproduction creates a powerful profit incentive, driving product from both state-licensed and unlicensed marijuana producers into black and gray markets across the country,” he wrote in The Oregonian Jan. 12.

As Williams tells it, Oregon’s cannabis producers are putting out more product than they can sell – and that’s contributing to an increase in seizures at the airport and on interstate highways. It is imperative, he wrote, for state leaders to come together to ensure the regulatory framework in the state properly addresses these concerns.

How much regulation is too much?

Indeed, regulation is a delicate balance. Too much and you’ll see the emergence or strengthening of a black market set up to circumvent overly-restrictive rules. Too little and you have the potential for public safety issues. As states throughout the U.S. grapple with the question of how much the government should be involved in regulating the cannabis industry,…

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