Orange County marijuana dispensary partners’ legal battle involves bikers, attempted hit, drug rings, harassment

The allegations include a murder attempt, sexual harassment, tax evasion and an interstate drug ring run by minors and a biker gang.

And they pour out from lawsuits filed by feuding owners of Orange County’s first legal medical marijuana dispensary.

South Coast Safe Access in Santa Ana remains open, serving hundreds of medical marijuana patients, even as its owners are locked in a vicious battle in the downtown county courthouse.

Under SCSA Group, Inc., a California nonprofit mutual benefit corporation, CEO David DeWyke filed the first lawsuit in February, claiming his business partner, Derek Worden, sexually harassed employees, skimmed funds from the shop and quietly helped run an illicit marijuana business on the side.

Worden denied those claims and filed his own lawsuit this month against DeWyke and his wife, Johnnie DeWyke. His suit accuses the couple of illegally distributing drugs, tax evasion and more. It also offers up a theory on the unsolved…

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