NSA officer, talk show host turns cannabis entrepreneur

Eighteen years ago, television celebrity Montel Williams couldn’t have imagined he’d one day be standing in a sleek Santa Ana dispensary chatting with fans about his new line of cannabis products.

Long before California’s modern “green rush,” back when medical marijuana patients still risked having their homes seized for giving cannabis to needy friends, Williams was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

After a decorated 22-year stint in the military, Williams was at the peak of his entertainment career in 1999 as host of the Emmy-winning “The Montel Williams Show.” He was also in constant pain, downing a dozen opioids a day and battling depression that left him suicidal.

“It got out of control so quickly that I am still bearing the fruit and the damage of that even today, almost 20 years later,” Williams said.

In 2001, a doctor quietly recommended that Williams try medical marijuana to ease the chronic nerve pain and muscle spasms that accompany his…

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