No Arkansas Businesses Have Applied for Medical Marijuana Licenses Yet – News

Arkansas’ Department of Finance and Administration spokesman Scott Hardin announced last week that the state hasn’t received a single application from a business seeking to grow or distribute medical marijuana. The final deadline for these applications, September 18th, is fast approaching, but Hardin believes that he will see applications begin to arrive as the deadline approaches.

“We are not concerned, as we understand the applications require detailed and specific information that will take time to complete,” Hardin said. “Applicants are likely performing their due diligence to provide quality applications.” Cultivator and dispensary license applications will be scored, and licenses will be awarded based on merit. The finance department will award five cultivation licenses and 32 dispensary licenses.

Demand for medical marijuana in the state is also off to a slow start, with only 404 applications medical marijuana patients having been received to date. The state Health Department expected around 30,000 applicants. “This number was based on population, types of qualifying conditions, and trends in other states,” Director of Health Communications Marisha…

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