New Maryland Businesses Will Help Patients Gain Access to Medical Cannabis – News

Maryland’s long-delayed medical marijuana program will finally begin sales of medical marijuana this fall, and a wave of new businesses are starting up to assist patients in getting their medicine. In order to receive a medical marijuana card in the state, a patient must receive a written certification from a doctor that they already have a “bona fide provider-patient” relationship with. Because of this rule, some patients whose doctors are opposed to medical cannabis, or who have not yet registered as providers, may find themselves unable to get a recommendation.

Several new businesses are springing up to assist patients in situations like these. “A lot of physicians aren’t comfortable recommending medical cannabis to their patients currently,” said Dr. Evan Edwards of Green Health Docs in Frederick. “But patients want to get into the program, so we’re here to help them out.” For $200, the business will examine a patient’s records to see if they qualify for medical marijuana.

Green Health Docs has been open for less than a year, but has already helped around 1,000 patients gain access to medical cannabis. Dr. Edwards said that many of these patients are…

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