Maven Coalition Conference Offers a New Voice for Free Speech and Cannabis

The Maven is our media platform and is a coalition of independent publishers coming together to grow our businesses and reclaim our independence. The Coalition believes that at a time when we are all concerned with fake news, destructive algorithm changes, and disappearing revenue sources, a new way is needed, and we’re building it together. Maven’s leading executives, James Heckman, Paul Edmondson and Josh Jacobs, have decades of experience as entrepreneurs, executives, advisors and industry visionaries. “>You can learn more about their vision and platform by watching this video. Now at over 40 million monthly visitors, we’re partnering with proven entrepreneurs like you to build a new media model: a coalition of content creators and shareholders, building a shared future that allows us to control our own destiny and grow our businesses together.

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About The Weed Blog

Since its inception, TWB has been based in activism and the mobilization and movements for marijuana policy reform happening around the country. It was created for one purpose: to facilitate a constructive conversation about marijuana in America. This includes both medical and recreational marijuana policy, as well as the marijuana industry and culture.