Marijuana Arrest Leads to Coma for Peter Tosh’s Son

As politicians discuss how to best legalize marijuana in New Jersey this week, the family of Peter Tosh announced his son Jawara McIntosh was left in a coma following an attack in a New Jersey jail – and the family wants answers.

Sentenced to six months incarceration over 65.5 pounds of marijuana, the son of the late reggae star and marijuana activist, Peter Tosh, was hospitalized after suffering traumatic brain injuries received in a February incident in the Bergen County Jail, according to New Jersey online.

“In 2013, Jawara McIntosh, now 37, was arrested after police found more than 65 pounds of marijuana hidden in the trunk of a rented car he was driving.”

Macintosh (a.k.a. Tosh1), like his father, has worked tirelessly to “Legalize It” in the Garden State.

While state officials began debating the pros and cons of legalizing the billion-dollar cannabis industry, Macintosh lays unresponsive and in a coma at a local hospital, suffering from traumatic brain damage. Macintosh’s attorney, Jasmine Rand, announced yesterday the family wants the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate his brutal beating, and that the family has filed a notice that it plans…

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