Maine Medical Marijuana Sales Hit $222 Million, Becomes State’s Most Valuable Crop

Maine’s medical marijuana sales reached $221.8 million from January through October of this year, according to sales tax data reported by the Department of Administration and Financial Services. That figure makes cannabis Maine’s biggest crop, edging out potato sales ($184.1 million), milk sales ($123.6 million), and blueberry sales ($26 million).

The $221.8 million stems from Maine’s eight dispensaries, 2,981 licensed caregivers, and an approximate consumer base of around 65 million card-carrying marijuana patients. Market growth has more than doubled Maine’s total sales reported in 2019, when medical marijuana brought in over $109 million. At the time, that figure was about twice as much as industry experts predicted, and 2020 sales have already improved on that by 152%.

What About Recreational Marijuana Sales in Maine?

Those numbers alone are impressive, and they don’t even include the state’s recreational marijuana sales. After a tumultuous start to the state’s adult-use market – including supply shortages, purchase limits, and a small number of stores – legal sales in Maine commenced on October 9th. According to the Office of Marijuana Policy, over 1.4…

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