Learn from Colorado’s mistakes, says former marijuana czar Andrew Freedman

If he had to do it all over again, Colorado’s former marijuana czar would approach cannabis legalization by gathering loads more data, taking a calculated approach to edibles and including an even greater cohort of public health voices.

Andrew Freedman, now a consultant for states and cities trying to develop cannabis regulations, delivered the closing keynote speech Wednesday at the National Cannabis Summit, a three-day conference to explore best practices on approaching topics such as public health, safety, research, prevention and treatment efforts.

He told officials and researchers gathered in Denver that were he launching new legalization efforts he would focus data collection and analyses efforts on problematic use. He would also rethink home-grows, go slow on edibles, fund a glut of surveys and put tax revenue dollars toward public health needs instead of school construction, he said.

Public sentiment and grassroots movements are advancing legalization campaigns at…

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