Jeff Sessions Bashes Hollywood’s Portrayal of Drug Use – News

The nation’s top cop is at it again. During a meeting of the National Alliance for Drug Endangered Children in Green Bay, Wisconsin this week, Attorney General Jeff Sessions lashed out at Hollywood, the media and his peers in politics for their “accommodating messages” about drugs. 

According to the Washington Examiner, Sessions warned police and parents alike to not “capitulate intellectually or morally to drug use.”

“In recent years, some of the government officials, media, and Hollywood elites in this country have sent mixed messages and accommodating messages about the harmfulness of drugs,” Sessions said, before calling that sentiment “unacceptable.”

Sessions didn’t name drop any TV shows or movies, but he did try and correlate the perceived media pushers to America’s climbing opioid overdose rate, noting the record high 60,000 drug-induced deaths last year in the very same speech.

“We must create and foster a culture that is hostile to drug abuse. Accommodation to a rattlesnake in your bed is a path to disaster,” Sessions said, apparently comparing television shows like Amazon’s Budding Prospects or FX’s Snowfall to inviting a venomous…

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