Israeli Finance and Health Ministries Approve Export of Medical Marijuana – News

An interministerial committee of the Israeli Finance and Health Ministries has approved the export of medical marijuana by licensed businesses. The committee examined the economic, legal, and regulatory implications of medical marijuana exports and found that there was a strong economic advantage in allowing the exports. They also found that the country’s advanced regulation, research, and clinical experience with medical marijuana would ensure a strong demand for Israeli cannabis products.

Israel currently has eight licensed growers to serve the country’s 30,000 medical marijuana patients. So far, over 500 growers have applied for a license to grow medical cannabis for export. The committee recommended that medical cannabis exports should be regulated heavily by the Health Ministry, and that only licensed cultivators should produce items for export. All forms of cannabis products, from flower to edibles to oils, will be eligible for export, but can only be exported to countries where medical marijuana is legal.

“The export of medical cannabis is an industry with significant economic potential for the State of Israel and will strengthen Israeli agriculture,” Finance…

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