Israeli Company Creates the World’s First Metered-Dose Medical Cannabis Inhaler – News

Above, an image of a generic inhaler (not the Syqe technology) via iStockPhoto

An Israeli canna-business is bringing the world’s first metered-dose cannabis inhaler to market, allowing doctors to provide patients with exact doses of medical marijuana in a controlled setting. Tel Aviv-based Syqe Medical has announced a partnership with pharmaceutical firm Teva Pharmaceuticals to bring their new 3D-printed cannabis technology to the worldwide market.

The metered-dose inhaler has several advantages over traditional medical cannabis products, including the ability to provide an exact dosage. A dose of concentrated cannabis vapor from the device can take full effect in three to five minutes, a substantial improvement on oils or edibles, which can take hours to be fully absorbed by the body.

The device contains thermal controllers and lung monitoring that automatically adjust the device’s airflow to compensate for the user’s pace of inhalation. This technology allows the device to deliver a dose with a level of precision of 100 micrograms, “a medically acceptable threshold of accuracy,” according to The Jerusalem Post, that other medical cannabis products have been unable…

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