Is a Marijuana Patent War Coming to the U.S in 2018?

Setting the Terms

Patents are often considered the most robust and sought after form of intellectual property protection because of the length, scope, and exclusivity of the protection offered by the obtained patent. Recall, a patent (as a general matter) is a Government conferred right to stop other individuals/companies from using, producing, or selling the invention covered
by the patent. The term, “Marijuana Patents”, of course, is simply a way cannabis industry participants and marijuana lawyers refer to those patents, which specifically interface with the marijuana industry.

“Patent wars”, as the astute reader has most certainly deduced, is a term meant to express a competitive dynamic whereby individuals and/or corporations attempt to gain exclusivity to certain technologies in a bid to dominate the market. The idea is that by broadly registering patents on these coveted ideas/patents/inventions, the company will render the competitor
inept and force it out of the market.

The Marijuana Industry and the Patent Battlefield

What would such a marijuana “patent war” consist of? Who would be the warring factions?

Perhaps among the most controversial of issues in…

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