Interview: Rich The Kid Keeps It Blunt

By Shirley Ju

At just 25-years-old, Rich The Kid’s name does not do him justice. As seen all over the internet, the Brooklyn-born and Atlanta-raised rapper truly embodies the definition a young CEO. While starting his own record label, Rich Forever Music, that has propelled signees Famous Dex and Jay Critch to new heights, he also inked a deal with Interscope last year for his own music. Rich claims, “they saw my vision” — his two million dollar vision.

Fast-forward to this Friday, March 30, and fans are about to receive Rich’s highly-anticipated debut album, The World Is Yours. In February, Rich had the entire hip-hop community at the edge of their seats when he tweeted that a possible Frank Ocean feature was in the works. If that’s wasn’t enough, he also teased that Kanye West would be on the new album.

With the March 30 release date quickly approaching, the official tracklist reveals neither of those two artists, unfortunately. But that’s okay, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Khalid, Chris Brown, Quavo, Offset, Bryson Tiller, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay Critch definitely make up for it. In addition, the project’s first single, “New Freezer,” started a dance challenge that had the streets of Atlanta on fire. The internet caught on soon enough.

Now, during a private listening party late Monday evening at Ciroc Studios in Hollywood, Rich revealed the true inspiration behind his debut. After hearing all 14 tracks in full, Rich opened the event up for questions in the form of a mini-press conference. When asked the inspiration behind his album title The World Is Yours, Rich answered without hesitation, “Nas – ‘The World Is Yours.’”

He also shared that his two favorite records on the new project were “Plug Walk” and “Lost It” featuring Quavo and Offset of the Migos, the former being one of my personal favorites. That record is a slap every time it comes on. Because the listening party tonight was at the same studio that Nipsey Hussle blocked me, I tried to be more cautious about posting any unreleased music. Still, don’t think I deserved that block whatsoever, but that’s a story for another day.

Monday’s event was exclusive to 30 people, which is pretty small compared to Rich’s 2.7 million Instagram followers. In fact, the whole time I’m waiting for Louieknows, his trusted shooter, to roll through.

When Rich was asked why he felt it was important to have events like this, he answered, “So I could spend time with people that support my music.”

His response was better than I expected, as I couldn’t help but notice a very unenthused Rich The Kid throughout the entire album playback. He was propped on the couch and scrolling his phone the entire time, and I didn’t blame him. I’m sure he would have much preferred the studio be filled with his homies instead of the music industry. Either way, I wasn’t about to leave without my one-on-one with Rich. Shout out to Mari for letting me chase him down, I did not wait two hours for nothing.

Mind you, we all thought he had already left. Rich walked out of the building and no-one knew if he was coming back. Luckily, he came through at the end. He was sparking a Backwood as we went inside the see-through glass room, where the smoke immediately calmed my nerves.

While this wasn’t the most lengthy conversation, I got what I was hoping for: Rich loves Nas and he passes the blunt.

First of all, congrats on the release of your debut album! Fans have been waiting for this, what took so long?

Was making sure the album was perfect.

Is Nas your favorite rapper?


That’s dope, have you guys crossed paths?

We haven’t.

If the world was really yours, what would do first with it?

Free all my sons. got to.

Talk about being a CEO at 25. What do you want fans to take as inspiration from your story?

I want them to know that anything is possible.

What did you do with your first label advance check?

I bought some diamonds.

Talk about the wildest trip you ever had on edibles.

I don’t eat edibles.They get me too high.

How much weed do you consume daily?

That would be an ounce a day.

What are some of your favorite strains?

Cookies. Fire.

Shout out to Berner. Who are some artists that have outsmoked you?


Wiz, Snoop, no-one?

Not yet.

You always smoke Backwoods, or sometimes other blunts, or papers?


How does Atlanta weed compare to California weed?

Cali weed is stronger.

Who’s the most played artist on your phone?


Dream collab?


What would you be doing if you weren’t making music?


What’s your favorite song to play when you’re smoking?

“Where’s Da Bud” by Three 6 Mafia.

What else should the people know?

The best album of 2018, The World Is Yours.

My interview with Rich started a domino effect of one-on-one interviews that were promised to other reporters earlier, so I feel like I did my good deed for the evening.

Cover image courtesy of Mark Bridges

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