How Many Nanograms of THC is Too Many to Drive?

Germany maintains some of the strictest cannabis DUI rules in the world. The low limit of 1 nanogram (ng) THC/ml blood serum, as well as the measurement of non-psychoactive metabolites, means that drivers and cyclists who are otherwise not under the influence of marijuana could potentially have their driving licenses revoked due to minuscule traces of THC.

While in other countries the limit value is determined in whole blood, in Germany, it is measured in the blood serum which approximately doubles the value*. In order to change this non-scientific approach and the unequal treatment of cannabis and alcohol, the German Hemp Association (DHV) launched a “Clear Head Clear Rules” campaign at the Federal press conference in Berlin this month.

Non-treatment of cannabis and alcohol consumption

The often long-term loss of a driver’s license due to cannabis use is ruining livelihoods in Germany. The uneven treatment of cannabis and alcohol consumption leads to serious consequences for consumers as well as society. Former taxpayers are forced to receive state welfare after losing their job or even their business due to the confiscation of their driver’s license. In many…

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