Gorilla Glue (the Glue) Is Suing the Company Behind Gorilla Glue (the Weed) – News

You may not have heard of Nevada-based cannabusiness GG Strains, but you’ve probably smoked their proprietary products. Jackie Don Peabody, one of GG Strains’ two co-founders is the grower responsible for the notoriously sticky Gorilla Glue #4. Coming in as California’s most popular strain for the past year and change, Gorilla Glue #4 has now garnered even more attention, this time from the adhesive company that inspired the strain name, and the original Gorilla Glue Co. is not looking to collaborate.

According to The Cannabist, the Ohio-based Gorilla Glue Co. has filed a federal trademark infringement lawsuit against GG Strains, claiming that the legal weed purveyors are “unlawfully advertising and selling products and services under a confusingly similar name to Gorilla Glue’s trademarks, in violation and dilution of Gorilla Glue’s trademark rights.”

What started as an illicit drug named after the strain’s tendency to leave glue-like resin covering user’s hands, has now become a legal product sold in state-approved stores across the country. And while the adhesive company has already offered to settle the claim out of court, with growers all over the…

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