Fear-Mongering Anti-Weed Group SAM Has Its Sights Set on Seattle’s Hempfest – News

Kevin Sabet and Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) are back, using fear-mongering tactics and misinformation to try and sway public opinion against state-approved, regulated weed. The nonprofit group has spent most of the year taking credit for killing a legalization proposal in New Hampshire, fighting the same cause in Rhode Island and starting a group called “Are We Sure?” to pressure Maine and Massachusetts to rethink their already successful, voter-approved move to end prohibition. Now, the same group is focusing on a celebratory event in a state where legal weed is already bringing in millions in tax dollars and keeping people out of jail, Seattle’s upcoming annual Hempfest.

To try and dissuade activists, patients and stoners from participating in this year’s event, SAM and the group’s president and CEO Kevin Sabet have been spewing ill-conceived and easily disproven comparisons between Washington’s cannabis industry and the death merchants of “big tobacco.”

“Well you know, Hempfest is thought of as the old festival of people who just like to smoke pot and use hemp, and ‘what’s the big deal?'” Sabet told local Washington outlet KOMO News. “In…

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