Colorado Busts “the Largest Illegal Marijuana Operation in State History” – News

Black market drug dealers could be sabotaging the cannabis industry.

Earlier this week, Colorado Attorney General Cynthia Coffman told Fox 31 Denver that a number of law enforcement agencies spanning multiple states are responsible for what has been deemed “the largest illegal marijuana trafficking ring bust in [Colorado] history.”  

The investigation, conducted under the ridiculous moniker “Operation Toker Poker” is said to have resulted in the arrest of more than 60 people and the takedown of 12 businesses. The report indicates that all of those implicated in the operation resided in Colorado and four other states. However, there is no indication whether the businesses shut down during the raids were directly associated with the legal marijuana trade.

Although marijuana legalization has had plenty of success in Colorado, as the state continues to collect millions of dollars in tax revenue without enduring some of the criminal problems that lawmakers predicted would come with the passing of Amendment 64, the state has struggled to put a leash on the underground market that has continued to operate in the shadows.

Just last month, Colorado law enforcement,…

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