Cannabis Industry Who’s Who: RĒL Director of Sales & Marketing Sabrena Peterson

I’ve been a cannabis consumer and advocate for about 20 years. What began as recreational experimentation with friends in my teenage years has evolved into an effective alternative for several prescriptions I’d been taking to deal with my ongoing insomnia and ADHD. Needless to say, I was more than open to becoming part of such an incredible industry by contributing in a positive and meaningful way. A few years ago, one of my business partners and I got involved as marketing consultants for another startup vape brand. Our first step was to better understand this fairly new and totally dynamic business climate, get a feel for what consumers wanted, and evaluate what competitors were doing. We did a lot of due diligence: attending events and conferences, talking to patients, meeting with cannabis attorneys, touring dispensaries, and buying and trying every vape product we could get our hands on. After a year of researching and trying so many products, we decided to go for it and begin our own journey of creating the kind of products we wanted to find on the shelves, and become the kind of company we want to support.

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