Cannabis Businesses in California Only Have a Few Months Left to Get Their Taxes Together – News

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We’re still a long way off from mid-April, but in California, an impending shift in the cannabis industry is creating a second busy season for the state’s Department of Tax and Fee Administration. With thousands of cannabis businesses trying to update their administrative processes to fit new regulations, and countless others trying to hop in the game as soon as midnight strikes on December 31st, the tax agency is doing its best to make sure everyone involved in the Golden State’s legal weed industry knows exactly how much they’ll have to kick back to the state if they want to stay in business.

To make California’s tax info a little more cannabis-friendly, the Department of Tax and Fee Administration has released a comprehensive pamphlet to inform ganjapreneurs and legal weed customers alike about what kind of cut each type of industry player will need to fork over to California state coffers.

First, no matter what kind of canna-business you own or run, you are required to register with the state tax agency and, if your business sells marijuana in any form, obtain and maintain a state-approved seller’s permit.

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