There is still a great deal of uncertainly surrounding whether U.S.

Can Legal Marijuana Buy Trump’s Approval?

There is still a great deal of uncertainly surrounding whether U.S. Attorney Gerneral Jeff Sessions will impose a federal crackdown against the legal marijuana industry.

However, some investors are not allowing a potential threat stop them from turning pot production into the kind of green that even Republicans troglodytes can appreciate: money.

It was recently predicted that the nationwide cannabis industry could be worth around $21 billion by 2020 – creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs that will surpass the combined employment of both the manufacturing and government sectors.

Some cannabis industry leaders believe the economic strength of the market will make it impossible for the Trump administration to shut down the business of legal weed.

“If Sessions picks this fight, he’s going to lose,” marijuana industry investor Serge Chistov told CNN Money. “He’s going to be fighting against the money.”

But policy experts, like John Hudak of the Brookings Institution, say the cannabis industry is nowhere even close to generating the kind of cash that could prevent Trump and his cronies over at the Justice Department from swooping in with a new policy designed to slit…

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