California Dispensaries Could Sell Both Recreational and Medical Marijuana – News

Some of the latest reports predict that California’s medical marijuana industry stands to lose a significant amount of business due to the coming of a fully legal market. A study from the University of California Agricultural Issues Center shows the medical sector could go from a $2 billion market to one that struggles to reach $600 million.

However, Governor Jerry Brown has been kicking around a concept that would not only prevent medical marijuana dispensaries from enduring hard times, it would also stop the market from becoming overly saturated with businesses interested in slinging weed.

The idea is simple: create a situation where medical and recreational marijuana can be sold in the same stores.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the co-location rule is just one of the regulations that the Governor is trying to persuade lawmakers to push through the legislative grind. The overall goal is to merge the medical and recreational sectors, which was approved by the State Legislature two years ago, and move full steam ahead with a fully integrated marketplace.

“Being able to co-locate is much more cost-efficient for operators,” Nate Bradley, executive director…

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