California Cannabis Labeling Requirements Under Prop 65

In states with recreational and medical cannabis, it’s required to label cannabis and cannabis-related products with lists of ingredients, pesticides, and chemicals used in the grow or extraction processes & sometimes during testing.  California cannabis labeling requirements are the state’s first labeling rules for cannabis and cannabis-related products.  While the state is yet to finalize their rules and regulations, we can reasonably assume based on how other states are operating that California will include basic labeling requirements like:

  • Ingredients, pesticides, or solvents, used during the grow or extraction process
  • Potency results as well as any additional QA Testing results
  • Product barcode and unique identifier
  • Business Info
  • Warning labels & disclaimers

Based on California cannabis labeling requirements listed in the state’s pending cannabis program rules, it’s easy to assume these are the only labeling requirements you need to follow.  However, should you dig past cannabis-specific laws, you’ll notice there are other rules and regulations at play that were not intended to cover cannabis, but directly impact how the product can legally be…

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