Arkansas’ Green Crawl: Why Farmers Don’t See Cannabis as a Cash Crop

On Nov. 8, voters passed the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2016 to implement medical marijuana in the state of Arkansas. The floor was open for cultivators and retailers to request a seat at the table. But applications came in at a trickle.

The state began taking medical marijuana patient applications on June 30. Since then, more than 800 patients have requested access to obtain medical cannabis when the program launches “early next year.”

The state received its first cultivator application on Aug. 30. As of Friday, 7 cultivation applications and 13 applications to sell cannabis products had been turned in. Compare that with the state of Ohio, where 185 applicants hope to receive one of the state’s 24 grow licenses; or Minnesota, where more than 200 people showed up to an informational meeting ahead of the state’s Sept. 19 application start date.

David Couch, a Little Rock attorney and acting executive director of the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Association, a trade organization created to represent the interests of the Arkansas medical marijuana community, told he is not concerned by how long the Arkansas applications are taking to come…

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