Anti-Cannabis Group ‘Smart Approaches to Marijuana’ Urges Sessions to Crack Down on Legal Weed – News

It’s been four years since America’s Department of Justice, under the oversight of President Barack Obama, issued the Cole Memo, offering a number of prosecutorial guidelines that effectively protected cannabis businesses following state regulations from the long arms of federal law. And while those guidelines have been effective in allowing medical and recreational marijuana markets to thrive in states like Colorado, Washington and California, one group of anti-legalization activists is urging Jeff Sessions and the current DOJ to end the green rush, under the pretense that those states have not held up their end up of the Cole Memo bargain. 

According to The Cannabist, Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM) took the Obama-era memo’s fourth anniversary as the perfect time to re-evaluate just how damaging they believe legalization has been. And with Jeff Sessions’ continued threats of federal cannabis enforcement still looming, the group is encouraging the Attorney General to follow through.

“[The Department of Justice] should take measured action to successfully protect public health and safety.” The report, “The Cole Memo: 4 Years Later,” suggests….

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