5 Ways Cultivation Facilities Benefit from Ag-Tech

Although this is strictly mechanical, the right rolling or vertical benching installation can be one of the most effective at significantly increasing yield. By making the most of the available square footage in a grow, benches can be rolled making better use of what was previously fixed aisle space. Or with stacked benches in veg, the space is effectively nearly doubled. This technology is commonplace in large agricultural facilities. In addition to space optimization, benching provides a clean, dry surface to get plants off the ground. It also proves to be more ergonomic for workers and minimizes plant exposure to disease. For rolling benches there is the option of Drain to Waste or Staal-Plast Ebb & Flow Trays irrigation parts. Staal-Plast has 30+ years in large scale horticulture and floriculture and is the only company in the world making high-impact polystyrene molds. Other top options are Expanded Metal and 2″ x 2″ Wire. These are appropriate for any stage in production, but will not catch water. Whatever your choice, this investment will directly impact yield output, IPM (integrated pest management), and worker ability to access plants easily for better maintenance and…

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