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A resource for cannabis professionals. Ganjapreneur.com publishes daily coverage of the issues that matter to cannabis activists, business owners, investors, and stakeholders. We believe that cannabis prohibition is a violation of human rights and that the drug war will be regarded as one of society’s greatest failures. While mainstream media continues to scoff at and ignore the very serious ramifications of prohibition, we are committed to telling the true story of cannabis medicine and exposing those who are working to keep it illegal in the name of profit. We believe that cannabis and hemp should be removed from the Controlled Substances Act and regulated like any other herbal commodity. We prefer a legal cannabis market which respects the needs of patients and includes a viable path for small businesses and craft cultivators. Legalizing cannabis will have a significant positive impact on our economy due to the opportunities and jobs it will create for ordinary citizens. At the same time, we recognize that people have been providing cannabis medicine to patients and developing cultivation practices & technologies for years — there is no reason to exclude medical cannabis pioneers from the legal industry. While we support all cannabis entrepreneurs and do not wish to limit anyone’s growth, we believe that small operators are integral to a successful cannabis market, and our mission includes providing them with relevant policy coverage, actionable business insights, and access to essential services. We believe that cannabis normalization is a collaborative effort and that cannabis companies should commit to strong ethics regarding consumer safety, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility. Our ultimate mission is to help the cannabis industry grow. We believe that legalization is not just an opportunity to repeal the harmful effects of prohibition and provide medicine to those who need it, but that it’s also an opportunity for cannabis entrepreneurs to set a new high bar for corporate responsibility and help reshape the public narrative surrounding cannabis. To make the most of this opportunity, we think cannabis entrepreneurs and organizations should collectively discuss best practices, ethical standards, and environmental impact.